Wednesday, 14 March 2012

32 Purses, Paxton & Preparation

Ever wondered what 32 GraceInk purses look like just after they've been printed?

If the answer to this question is 'No' then look away now, scroll to the end of the posting...quick march! 

Because here is a picture of my print bed looking very colourful after a couple of hours printing a selection of different designs to be made into beautiful purses in the not to distant future. 
Anyway, enough of what a busy bee I've been today, just wanted to let you all know that I'm not shy about a bit of manuel labour (of the printing variety of course). In other news, it is just ONE month until the BCTF (that's what the preparation mention in the title is all about), for those not in the know it stands for the British Craft Trade Fair and is happening down in Harrogate. The purses are part of my prep, I'll only need one of everything when I'm exhibiting because its a trade event and hopefully customers/clients will put in lots of lovely orders. However it is rather time consuming and illogical to produce one of everything, so I've made 32 of these, 6 different designs, so that I'll have some in stock if the need arises to send them out to some lovely shops in the near future.
And last but by no means least, Rob Thomson (of Rob Thomson Furniture...check his work out here), helpfully delivered some of my work to Paxton House last week for the official opening of the season this Saturday 17th March. Crossing Borders will once again be showcasing work from across the Borders and North Northumberland region including framed artworks (including some of my prints above), textiles, woodwork, jewellery and ceramics. Paxton House itself is a bit of a gem of a find, play crochet on the lawn, watch the salmon fishing on the tweed, check out the red squirrels in their own custom built home & enjoy a tour of this amazing stately home.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Printing for Peru

It continues to be a busy old time at GraceInk HQ with printing for several projects including this one...friends of mine are heading out to Peru on a mission trip later this year with an organisation called Latin Link and to help them on their way I've been providing them with plenty of t-shirts and hoodies, to sell (so they make some money) and keep (so they look like a team). It has to be said the hoodies were stressful and I might have been put off printing them for life (or until the next time someone asks...I have a very short memory in that respect). The t-shirts were alot simpler to print and I've been wearing mine out and about in a very fetching postbox red. You can see what they are upto as a team on their Facebook page, you can read what I've been upto by reading my blog...I guess if you've made it this far then you already have done, well done to you!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

*New Work* Quirky Dolls Update

A few weeks ago I introduced you to my Quirky Dolls, three new brooches I've developed  inspired by how Russian Dolls must feel crammed inside one another. There was Angry Anna, Stroppy Susan and Contented Camilla...check out my Etsy shop for more of their back story and the opportunity to make a purchase. The prints above are part of the same series which I have been busy mixing up new colours for this week and printing the first batch. The first couple of prints are heading off to a Gallery at the end of this month and I will be sure to get them into my Etsy shop in the coming week or the moment the brooches are presented with a GraceInk label however I am in the process of developing some really fun packaging to accompany the little girlies so stay tuned.

Monday, 13 February 2012

In the mood for a snood

The lovely ladies at Textile Freaks gave me a beautiful rose printed snood at the weekend and I just wanted to show it off and let you know about the great work the pair of them are doing. All this (extra) screen-printing is in aid of getting them down to New Designers in the summer, on top of this they will be finishing their Masters this year too...they definately like to keep themselves busy! Check out their Facebook page to keep upto date with all their extra curricular activities...
...GraceInk has also been a busy little bee, I finally bought myself a hairdryer to dry those screens quickly in between prints (check it out in use above) and managed to print up a bunch of bags and purses in preparation for a couple of orders heading out at the end of the month...all this and freebies in the shape of snoods, I've been a very blessed lady! Another busy week ahead...but then when is it not!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Shop until you drop...

Well, I thought I was off to a good start, two posts in a couple of days in January and then suddenly it all goes quiet for a couple of weeks, seems like GraceInk has slipped back into her old ways...but fear not I'm back! I've been keeping myself busy (as per usual) and have been doing a little printing (above) of some butterfly bags. Not yet available on Etsy but they will be very soon, I promise. Just wanted to let you know that my work will soon be available in Leeds at The Bowery Gallery, so keep your eyes peeled for shoes and birdcages roaming around in that area. And I've just sent a new parcel of goodies to The Tayberry Gallery in Perth including my new Quirky Doll Brooches, bringing their own kind of charm to the area!

I'm also getting ever so excited about the BCTF (British Craft Trade Fair) this April,  I'm really looking forward to showing off my textiles to a new audience...I'll be keeping you updated on that over the coming months because it's definately more than getting myself down there for the 4 days it is much to do, so little time. I can't believe it's February already but I guess a lot of people are saying that, where does the time go...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Creative Residency Exhibition

Way back in June 2011 I took part in a Creative Residency tutoring a group of wonderful students in screen-printing and textiles. Last night the organisers of this amazing opportunity held an exhibition of the completed sketchbooks, fabric. and prints and to say I was a little proud would be a hugh understatement. It was great to see how they had changed and progressed, hear what their plans are for the future and know that a week of being creative can send you on a journey you might not expect (for me and them). Check out the great work below, I wish I had been this good when I was in my mid teens...Enjoy!

Above: Sketchbook work, this student had an amazing eye for combining different found and bought materials and adding in his own sketches too.

Above: Another great sketchbook, getting the students to record information quickly, add notes and not be afraid if something goes wrong to carry on were some of the key points they learnt in just 5 days!

Above: Printed works inspired by Oban, the students weren't afraid of a bit of colour...great!

Above: And not everyone just printed, it was great to get them to manipulate and have a play with textiles too, this was looking at recreating ropes found at the harbour but using lots of fun colours.

Above: Work inspired by Oban, different students created these pieces but they compliment each other perfectly...loving the anchor.

Above: And some wonderful hand painted onto screen seahorses, which were printed onto paper and fabric. Don't they look impressive framed too...very professional.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Adventures and Excitement in 2012

You're probably wondering where I've vanished for the past month and a half, apart from it having been Christmas and New Year, I have somewhat disappeared off the blogging radar and I'll tell you why...because running your own business is tough! Anyone that thinks it's all drawing pretty pictures and making new products would sadly be mistaken, there's admin, development, courses, networking, printing, distributing, invoicing, researching, events and exhibitions and that's on a good day! But you know what I LOVE it. I've finally set up a fan page on Facebook, developed these new brooches above, started getting my head in gear for an upcoming trade fair (my first trade event selling GraceInk products...scary), started taking lots of photos of my work for my website and managed to finally start listing more goodies on Etsy...not bad for 2012 so far.

I hope you enjoy GraceInk's advancements over the past month and I'm really looking forward to the exciting adventures that lay ahead in 2012, even if it has taken me half of January to say so. Whatever you're upto creatively I really hope it's a successful year for you guys hard, smile lots, eat pleanty of chocolate and everything will come right in the end!